Our Story

Ever wonder why people go camping? Why do some camp in the wild while others glamp in style. We’ve done both. We wouldn’t be here talking about it if we hadn’t experienced it first. We’ve got history.

From the early days of camping brands like Coleman, Curtiss, Shasta, Airstream, Kelty, eureka, Winnebago and countless others created campers, rv’s and products that took us into the great outdoors. Camping is in our DNA. Our history as travelers and wanderers.

We are Go Travel Trailer. Let us be your guide into learning about the history and our future of camping. Where we have been, What does it mean and where will it take us.

Call us by our names. Tim and Natalie Graham. My daughters Cheyenne and Taylor.  And our little guy Sawyer.  We are the Graham’s although my oldest daughter Cheyenne is now a Taskey Married to our son in law Nick with a little girl named Lyla. Yep, I’m a grandpa.

We are here because of the little ones. Mostly.  We all have a little traveler in us whether we want to admit it or not. But the little ones... we must take them to the great outdoors. Why? Because that is where they learn. About nature and about life.

Join us on our journey. 


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